At Rolfing Naples & PTX therapy, George Beahan prides himself on bringing the most advanced forms of structural analysis, Rolfing® techniques, postural exercise know as PTX therapy, And Avazzia microcurrent therapy, to help you accomplish your health and aesthetic goals. 

On this site, look under "About Rolfing", "About PTX therapy", and "About Avazzia therapy" for more of a detailed explanation and understanding about Rolfing, the PTX techniques, and the Avazzia microcurrent therapy George uses in his work.


From your initial consultation with George, you will know you are in good hands and that you condition and symptoms will be expertly analyzed and a plan developed to meet your specific needs.  George has helped hundreds of clients in his office including many sport and fitness professionals to achieve a balanced more functional structure. As a result, his clients are typically relieved of chronic pain patterns. Pain patterns that are not addressed by most modalities. 

George Beahan is a Board Certified Structural Integrator and a Certified Advanced Rolfer from the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado.  George has received licensing, certification and training from some of the premier Structural Integration and Rolfing practitioners in the country.  In fact, George has gone on to become a specialist in Egoscue Postural Alignment and is an Advanced Myokeletal Therapist.

George is proud to announce that he is PTX therapy certified! This certification ensures that George will bring the most advanced, web-based, easy to access, postural therapy available to his practice! 

In addition, in keeping with technological advances, George also incorporates "Avazzia" microcurrent therapy into his work. Microcurrent therapy is used by many professional sports teams to enhance performance and aid in healing injuries.


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