Prior to becoming a Certified Advanced Rolfer, I was a firefighter for the City of Wheaton Illinois, located west of Chicago. I was blessed to be able to serve the citizens of Wheaton and it was one of the best jobs in the world. As a firefighter I was able to help people in their time of need which is a very fufilling role for me, much like the work I do today with my PTX & Rolfing clients.

I feel very privileged to have a second career in PTX therapy and Advanced Rolfing and now after developing a thriving practice in St. Charles, Illinois, my wife and I decided to relocate to Southwest Florida where we have had a second home for many years now.


Throughout my life I have always enjoyed sports and outdoor activities. In High School and College I competed in Gymnastics. As an adult I competed in Bodybuilding. Today I choose not compete in any sports, but I enjoy running, golf, weight lifting, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and biking. I have recently taken up paddle boarding, boating and even enjoy something as sedate as fishing.

My desire is to enjoy all the outdoor activities and the beautiful weather Southwest Florida provides and at the same time be able to help people with their structural needs. A majority of people in the Naples/Ft Myers area are retired and have worked hard all their lives. They deserve to be able to enjoy retirement  free from pain and to live as functional of a life as possible. My passion is to help as many of those people as possible with those goals.

The desire to help change people's chronic pain patterns led me to become a:
Cetified Rolfer
A certified Rolfer learns to recognize a release fascial patterns. Rolfers learn the basic ten session series in this stage of education which releases these restrictions from the outside in. Rolfing changes these patterns or restrictions by manipulation of the fascia.

Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist
The Egoscue Method uses structural exercises called e-cises to achieve alignment of the body. This method is unique in terms of exercise or therapy since it seeks to change full body structural patterns.

PTX Therapist
After realizing the limitations of what Egoscue therapy offered, I have recently become PTX certified. Providing the best for my clients, has always been my goal and PTX provides the best and most advanced program in Postural Therapy!  

Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist
This therapy addresses the soft tissue by manipulation much like Rolfing. It looks at the patterns in terms of the way it affects the bones and seeks to balance muscular imbalances that make the body dysfuntional.

Certified Advanced Rolfer
This is the top level of certification for a Rolfer. The instruction covers more complex structural patterns such as scoliosis. The post ten series (after the initial Rolfing series) is addressed at this level as well as many soft tissue techniques to treat the bony components of the structure.

PTX Therapy

Rolf Institute

The official site of the Rolf Institute, located in Boulder Colorado.