Does Rolfing have to be done a few times a week for months at a time like chiropractic?

Rolfing normally consists of a series of ten sessions that can be spaced weeks apart and normally lasts about an hour each session. I find that a week to three weeks between sessions is optimal for most clients.

Is Rolfing painful?

Rolfing is not necessarily painful . Depending on the level of tension stored in the tissue, sensations can vary from deep pressure, to relaxation, to a slight burning. Rolfers work within the pain tolerance of the client, easing up on the pressure as needed.

How many Rolfing sessions are needed?                                           

Rolfing is done in a ten session series because the myofascial network is continuous from head to toe, the tension in one area can directly affect distant areas. A series of sessions is needed to make lasting changes throughout the structure. To be able to release tension in the structure the outside of the body must be opened to access the inside or core.

Since Rolfing seeks to align the body, is Rolfing like Chiropractic?

Rolfing realigns the body by manipulation of fascia and soft tissue as opposed to Chiropractic which attempts to align the bones and joints. However, if the pull in the soft tissue is not addressed the bones will continue to move out of alignment.

Is Rolfing covered by insurance?

Rolfing may be covered by insurance depending on your Insurance and the reason for treatments. Personal injury accidents as a result of auto accidents, are often covered with a doctors referral.

Once my ten sessions are done do I ever need to come back?

After the ten session series is complete you will probably want to have what is sometimes referred to as "tune up" sessions. I have found that at some point the structure will want to revert back to some of the patterns that it may have adopted for years. That is why I give people Egoscue Ecises to hold the newly established functional patterns longer