August 12, 2010

My Practice started in Illinois as Fox Valley Rolfing. All of the following testimonials are from that location.


After many years of High School and College contact sports, along with construction work up to the present, I accumulated my share of physical problems that required medical attention. These were treated with moderate success over the years with Chiropractic and Physical therapies. These treatments never established complete cures to recurring ankle, leg, lower and upper back, and neck problems over the years. 

In Mid April of 2005, I started Rolfing® Therapy with Mr George Beahan of Fox Valley Rolfing, in St. Charles, Illinois. This Rolfing ® therapy was performed two to three times per month, along with static exercises under George's instruction, produced almost immediate positive relief to the ever evolving and reoccurring physical problems. In fact the results that became apparent by the 3rd session and even more dramatic after the 6th session produced a more permanent and complete improvement then all my past chiropractic and physical therapies put together.

By the 10th session my posture was so improved that I felt compelled to stand straight and was able to do this without pain. The Beahan Rolfing
® treatments, along with the static exercises, have produced results that are remarkable. They have given me new hope that with Rolfing®  Therapy I can continue with my martial arts, weight training, hunting, fishing and construction related hobbies through my seventies, and God willing through my eighties and into my nineties.

Mel M
Elburn, Illinois 


I could not reach above my head, had constant shoulder pain, my body twisted to the left and I needed orthodics for my feet and I lacked the energy i used to have. OK I thought-

"You will just have to live with it." You have been to a top orthopedic MD, physical therapist and a chiropractor- had an MRI confirming massive tendonitis followed by cortisone shots. Suck it up it has just been four years,- learn how to live with it- you are 56 and sometimes you just can't recover from an accident."  

Then as I was waiting for an appointment in a waiting room I saw an article on Rolfing® . I knew about Rolfing®  and I knew it could sometimes be painful. I was desperate and decided to give it a chance. "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."

Every visit from the first has been simply AMAZING. George and Rolfing ® has changed my life. I can raisse my arms above my head with no pain, orthotics are gone and my energy is back ! My body is straight and my clothes fit better. I was so amazed I made an appointment for my husband. He had started "shrinking"- after his first visit he had a big smile and was standing tall again.

We look forward to the results of very treatment. Along  with the treatments George provides us with structural exercises needed to keep our bodies where they should be. 

Our only regret is not finding George & Rolfing
®  sooner !

Karen R
St. Charles, Il


I am writing this reference letter on behalf of George Beahan and Fox Valley Rolfing. I have been receiving Rolfing®  for some time now from George and it has helped me get my whole body back into alignment. I have not been this relaxed and pain free for years. Previous to my Rolfing®  experience, I was constant going to the chiropractor coming home with short -lived relief to no pain relief at all. I have never hesitated to recommend George to others and just wish I had found him sooner ! 

George derives satisfaction from helping people regain the balance and harmony in their structural alignment. He does everything he can to ensure the best possible results for each individual. Not only is he great at the Rolfing®  technique, but George is also an extremely professional, courteous, and caring person while performing Rolfing® . 

I have nothing but good things to say about George and would strongly recommend him and Rolfing®  structural integration to anyone in need. Please feel free to contact me to hear more good things about George and Rolfing.®

Mathew L
Geneva, IL

  Endorsements for Rolfing

Michelle Kwan and Elvis Stojko, 1998 Olympic Silver Medalists, have found they have a competitive advantage by working with a team of specialists that included Helen James, Physical Therapist, and Certified Advanced Rolfer. Elvis Stojko introduced Helen James, Certified Advanced Rolfer to Michelle Kwan in July during the Campbell Soup Tour of World Figure Skating Champions. Stojko, who has benefited from James' physical therapy and Rolfing expertise says, "Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition; it puts my body in place." Working with Olympic and world champion figure skaters is nothing new for James. She says, "It's key for figure skaters like Michelle and Elvis, to find an exact balanced position in space. Balance and integration are the primary goals of the Rolfing process. Athletes find they have fewer injuries and recover more quickly through Rolfing work," says James. "They feel lighter and have more energy because they're not working as hard. They perform and complete their jumps with more ease."


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