About PTX therapy
There is more than one way to acheive alignment! PTX therapy is a system of therapeutic structural exercises that treat the body as a unit.

Since the body is so interconnected, one part effects the other. PTX therapy and Rolfing address the entire body, not just the site of the pain. Traditional physical therapy, typically only addresses the site of the pain, never touching the root cause of pain- "structural misalignment"!

George Beahan chose PTX therapy as a modality to use in his practice, because it is advanced and unique. At ptxtherapy.com there is a database of over 1,000 structural exercises for him to choose from.
George will personalize the PTX therapy routines based on the clients structure and chronic pain locations. Since the PTX program is so advanced, it can assist George in the order, length of time and type of exercise that should be done, which are all crucial elements in an effective routine.

As the clients structure progresses, the routines change as the individual needs change! This ensures continued improvement in alignment and eventual elimination of pain. Progression in routines also gives the client new challenges effectively elliminating boredom.